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OW Nose Problems

Anybody got any tips for someone who suffers from a serious cold directly after OW. this is a 24 hour bout of sniffing and sneezing resulting in a sleepless night which is becoming a real pain, looking for some advise on some preventative measures or post swim help.



  • risris Posts: 1,002
    You could try anti-histamines / nasal sprays... Ear plugs... Nose clips... Is it after every session and in all sorts of open water (lake, lido, sea, river...) ?
  • Nose clip all the way, I suffered from the same and it remedied it almost perfectly bar 20 minutes of sniffing after exiting the water!
  • rob chalmersrob chalmers Posts: 113

    I suffere very bad hayfever and mild chlorine allergy, I suffered the same after open water sessions

    I simply started was told to try breathing out through my nose only, I might have to do the odd snot-rocket on the run to T1 or once I'm on the bike but Its seems to have cured it. 

  • Definitely a nose clip, I can't swim without one


  • I have just started to up my OW swimming and I too seem to get cold like symptoms afterwards! It does seem to be more noticeable the closer to 1 hours of swimming!

    I really do struggle with nose clips I have lost more than I can count as the just seem to slide off??
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