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Hi, I am new to this forum and would like to ask for your help on recovery.


I am a 44 year old female, I train on a regular basis but find if I dont allow my body to recover for at least 4-5 days between workouts I feel tired when I do exercise.  I don't take that amount of time to rest normally as I would hardly get chance to do any exercise. I find the further I run or ride the longer it takes for recovery.  At the minute I feel like all my runs and rides are under par as my quads ache and have a general feeling of fatigue.  

This is my usual weekly workout schedule

Monday - 3 mile run

Tuesday - 30 mile bike ride

Wednesday - REST

Thursday - 4-5 mile run

Friday - REST/ Walk

Saturday - REST

Sunday - 50-80 mile bike ride or 10 mile run


Can you help with tips on recovering quicker, I do get dehydrated quite often

Thanks in advance


  • Alasdair-GAlasdair-G Posts: 21

    Hi Rocky Runner,

    Are you training for anything in particular? 70.3 maybe given the training distances?  I  assume you have built up a good level of fitness before this attempting schedule?

    I would have a look at your Sunday to Tuesday sessions and try have a rest day after an 80 mile bike rather than say the Friday rest day.  Also maybe put a swimming session somewhere to give your legs a rest?  220 has a few pages in this months magazine about recovery and the need for sleep are you maximising your rest days?.  The only other thing I could suggest is to look at the intensity of you sessions.  Are you doing too much high intensity work or consecutive days?

    A few things to think about anyway

    Good luck



  • Hello Alasdair-G, thank you for your reply.  I am a very keen cyclist and normally only run in the winter months when I am unable to get out on bike.  I am training for The Robin Hood Half Marathon in September so trying to squeeze in runs as well as cycling is proving quite difficult.  I am very fit so the distances aren't a problem for either running or cycling its just I don't recover very quickly. 

    If I didn't run then I know my 2/3 rides a week would be very strong or if I didn't ride my runs would be strong but combine the two and neither is particularly good.

    I am looking at post workout smoothies at the minute, hoping a good homemade recovery drink will help.  


    I will also look at both the intensity and amount of consecutive workouts I do and see how I go by reducing things for a time.

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190


    2 things to consider. 1. How's your nutrition, you mention that you are looking at recovery shakes. It important to refuel your body and protect your muscles. Whilst you don't need to be some protein fueled gym junkie but ensuring your body has both protein and and carbs 3x carb to 1 protein is good I think, think will help your muscles refuel. Add into this hydration which you mention and salts this may help you recover.

    2. Stretching, strength and conditioning. I can hear the readers hearts sagging in dismay. I note that you don't do any serious stretching or S&C work. Good stretching (and body weight strength exercises, such as those suggested by Dave Scott in this months 220) are vital for recovery, avoiding stiffness and promoting blood flow. I try to do 20-30 minutes 3 times a week. You could easily add this after your long run and rides and possibly even a rest day.

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