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Shimano c75 wheels

Hi there, doing my second 70.3 at the end of the year (Miami) and am looking to get some decent aero wheels for my road bike to use as racing only.  I have seen the C75TUs for (relatively!!) cheap online and was thinking about taking the plunge.  I have two concerns: first that I have always had clinchers and have zero experience with tubs and second that 75 seems quite deep at the front when I think of a cross wind but am I just being a bit pathetic?



  • Personally i'd take the view that as you can't change a tubular very easily during a race, the time you'd save by having a clincher and thus a back up option in the event of a problem is worth the weight penalty.... you could look at tubeless as a compromise?

    To me 75mm is a touch big for the front but it is course dependant....

    If you want a decent quality set of wheels without breaking the bank, these are hard to argue with (check out the review in the mag recently too...) http://www.walker-brothers.co.uk/shop/4585910039/fleet-60-86mm-clincher-wheelset/9971408

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