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Rio test event on TV

LudeLude Posts: 2

Does anyone know where I can watch the Rio test event in the UK this weekend? Can't seem to find it anywhere!!


  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    No TV race coverage apparently, but this below pasted from BT webpage  


    "This event will not be televised live, a decision made by the local organising committee. However, both BBC and Sky TV will be in Rio and will provide some live sports news reporting. Live timing is available by triathlon.org." 



  • LudeLude Posts: 2

    Thanks bathtub... Good to know but what a shame, could be a great race! 

  • Rex9691Rex9691 Posts: 1

    What a dumb decision by "local organising committee". Yet another good reason for not choosing 2nd and 3rd World cities for major sporting events!

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