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Training for both IMUK and IM Wales

I DNF'd at IM Wales last year, missing the swim cut off. Heartbroken, I decided to take a charity place at IMUK this year as it's local to me, and I could practice the course. It was a real hard slog, only just making the bike cut off, but I am now an Ironman! On a (rather stupid) whim earlier in the year, I entered IM Wales as a back up plan in case I DNF's at IMUK, as I was determined to get that IM medal this year before I hit 40. 

So now poses the problem. I didn't DNF at IMUK, but found it really tough, swearing blind I would never ever attempt this distance again (well, we've all been there!). So now what do I do about IM Wales. It's too late to transfer or get any refund. Before IMUK I contemplated doing both, but although proud of getting through IMUK, it has knocked my confidence. The sensible part of my brain is thinking work on my weaknesses next year and go for IM Wales in 2017 (as I want to rectify that DNF). Or do I think what the hell, I've got this place in Tenby, what have I got to lose. And if I do decide on that, how the hell do I train for it in 6 weeks!! Answers on a postcard.............


  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Hi Thommo, sounds like the walk/run strategy might be needed – pick up the latest copy of 220 magazine for more info!

  • risris Posts: 1,002
    What are you worrying about - you'll have tons of latent fitness from the first one to carry you through the second!

    Personally, I'd go for it - you have a place and nothing to lose after all. If you trained well for the first one then you should gave the fitness, if you had a couple of struggles then you have 3-4weeks to do a bit of top-up training.

    Jamie's link is worth reading if the Mara was an issue, a run/walk can be very effective if you commit to it early and stick to it.
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