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Calf Cramp

Morning All, 


recently I suffered an amazing double calf cramp while attmepting (ne: failing) to do a  crawl-backstroke-crawl buoy turn. 

Honesty the cramps hit each calf so hard I must have looked like the girl at the start of Jaws! (but less naked and I was sober)

Problem is it's now 40hrs on and  my right calf still feels solid and I can't stand on Tip Toes. 

Is this normal? anyone else had it?

It did happen after being in the water for about an hour. I was hydrated, I was wearing a 5mm wetsuit and I had stretched, water was about 17°C



  • Sad to say i've had the same thing happen, and the timescale for healing/easing off wasn't radically different either. It also happened the other day when i got out the pool, i got a massive cramp on the inside of my hamstring near my knee, holy cow that hurt for days!

    I do have a fair range of leg issues mind, with weak glutes, tight hip flexors, short hamstrings... to be honest if i were an animal, the vet might be mentioning 'it's the kindest thing to do'.....

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