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Talkback: London Triathlon 2015 – in pics

The Lindon Triathlon was undoubtedly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I'm addicted and will definitely be back next year. Three days later I still can't stop buzzing from the adrenaline and can't wait to do it again. What an awesome way to keep fit, challenge yourself and improve your mental and physical endurance. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone. Starting triathlons was the best decision I've ever made. My only regret is that I didn't start earlier!


  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Great to hear Nora, well done on your race!

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Having raced London twice before I thought this year was a worse event. The Olympic distance swim looked and felt long, I measured 160m long (and a quick glance at the top times seems to agree with this) and I thought the bike course was worse. The Canary Wharf section was kinda nice but it was too narrow for an event like London where you have athletes doing 2hrs10 racing alongside 4hr + athletes and some of the extensions to the East end of the bike course were frankly horrible. The road condition on those sections was appalling.

    Nora - It's fantastic that you enjoyed it, everyone is always happy to welcome people to the triathlon family but definitely keep your eyes open for other events, there are some real crackers which you should definitely explore.

  • I thought this was fantastic event. First Olympic distance, I've done quite a few sprints, duathlons and HIM but this is the best to date. Great that the spectators can see so much and that you have such a mixed ability. One for all and will defo do again! Only complaint is the amount of rubbish the athletes left out on the road and in transition - if you can take it there you can take it home!!!!
  • Andrew, that is interesting to hear.  I was just under 3 mins slower for my swim this year than I was last, and whilst I felt like I was swimming through treacle if you measured it at 160m long that would explain a bit of my time drop off.

  • peteneopeteneo Posts: 1

    Interesting this, I raced Olympic 11:50 wave on Saturday and saw a 2 minute drop off in time which would equate to that extra length, almost exactly. I would also echo the complaints about road surface. Although I quite enjoyed the bike leg which was a four lapper on Saturday.  However, I felt there was something not quite right with the run (supposedly, four laps of 2.5km). I downloaded the Saturday times (no longer available- I see) and noticed that no-one in the 30-34 age group ran faster than around low forties. There were plenty of chicanes and that ramp into the excel was an absolute killer. I suppose ultimately if you cant trust the course length you can always look at your performance vs. age group in these mass participation events as an ultimate gauge of your performance.  

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