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2weeks between IM's - just too close?

So, due to rather odd circumstances I've got entries to both Wales and Mallorca. 

Due to a bout of illness a couple of weeks ago that knocked me for 6 I definitely want the extra time and will make Mallorca the 'A' race.

The question is, do I do Wales? Do I bin it. Do I do it at training pace? Am possibly thinking of racing through to about 20km into the run and jogging/shuffling the rest. 

Am fairly fit, doing 15hour training weeks and looking at 10-11hours (maaaaaaybe sub 10 at Mallorca) time goals. I could quite happily do the swim and the bike and not be wiped out from it.

Anyone tried this or have any knowledgable suggestions?



  • I was thinking about this a lot yesterday about how I would approach the same situation.  I assume you are 100% better from this illness and back to full training?

    I would race IM Wales using it as a long training session before your A race and do a proper two week taper in between.  Use it to make sure your nutrition strategy is perfect.  If you have paid for everything upfront there is little to lose by going through a dress rehearsal.

    There would be a couple of things to think about, firstly I would book 3 massages between the races,1 directly after your race / warmdown, another 4/5 days later and a final one 4/5 days before the 'A' race.  Massages help me the most in recovering from racing.

    Secondly, the one question I kept asking myself was, if I got to 200km and I knew pulling out /slowing down to a walk to help my 'A' race could I stop myself from finishing the race I was currently in? Would my competitive edge take over? Also should you taper for IM Wales? If so how much?

    Good luck for both events sub 10 hours would be an amazing achievement!

  • Thanks Alasdair, that's my current thinking, on all accounts and am scoping to see if people think the same.

    I am back up to speed to training and hitting similar numbers although it will be a couple of weeks to see what my underlying fatigue levels are like.  The question really is will I be happy to bail at 200km, and if I am not sure should I start! 

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