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I'm new to the boards and am looking for a 70.3 event in the first half of 2016, ideally UK. Despite lots of googling and scrolling through various results I've been unable to find such an event. Is this because the calendar for 2016 hasn't been finalised yet or are there no such events in April or May (no later then 27th)?

Thanks in advance!


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    are you looking for the branded UK 70.3 events, or an unbranded 'middle distance'?

    the staffs 70.3 has a date of June 12th: linky

    and the wimbleball one is june 26th... linky

    for non branded events some may not have finalised their dates, but i would expect most of them to have an idea by now. Swashbuckler is usually early/mid May, and i think the Beaver is around the same time. Cotswold 113 is usually mid-june, and there are loads more out there. 

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Outlaw half is back of May but likely sold out, Grafman 70.3 is June and a good race, Cowman and Vitruvian also towards back end of June. The UK open water tri season really only hits full flow in May and longer events are generally pushed back a touch as most people don't start their race season going longer events.

    For what it's worth the only UK race I could find before June 3 was the Outlaw half (as I was looking for something to race before the final qualification date for the European Champs next summer)

  • GigsGigs Posts: 1

    I'm also looking for a half IM or similar event, some time in May or early June as a training event prior to IM Bolton. Ideally, somewhere in the North.

  • New one at Chester on 12th June 2006 same day as standard distace.  Cheap too, £80 before 30th Nov.  Super course.  River swim, fast bike course, mainly flat and what you put in up the incline you get back in full on the gradual downslopes.  Fast flat run along the river.

  • Hi Keeneewbie,

    As no one appears to be able to find you a 70.3 before the 27th of May might I suggest an alternative.

    The Deeside Duathlon held on the first Sunday in May is a great warm up for a 70.3.  Its usually about £35 to enter but you will need a support crew as it is a point to point race.

    Obviously without the swim, you start in Breamar on 36 mile bike ride followed by an 11 mile run and a 13 mile ride to finish in Aberdeen. 

    Its a fun way to do a serious brick effort, well worth the travel up as the views are great.


    Alternatively on the final week in May there is often the Scottish Standard distance Triathlon Championship event held in Glasgow (where they held the Commonwealth games).  Although not quite the distance this will give you a good workout.

    You will be hard pushed to find a 1900m open water swim event in April/May in the UK.  The water temperature will be too low so they would have to shorten the swim course.

    Hope that helps



  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    The Beaver Triathlon at Belvoir Castle near Grantham has been organised in May for the past few years,

    The race is organised by Alan Rose's Just Racing outfit ( they are this weekend Challenge Weymouth organisers too) .

    This year the Beaver was held on 16th May so fits in nicely with your time schedule. The Beaver ( Middle distance Tri) is normally held on a Saturday with a sprint and standard distance held on the next day, Sunday.

    Camping is also available at the event site.

    I've raced all the distances over the year's.Just Racing do a fantastic job with their organisation and the races are on very good course's, although the lake is very shallow, you can touch the lake bed in places so it does get churned up a bit, its also a long run to transition, about 500metres but its all on grass.

    Highly recommended.

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