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Hi, I'm trying to find out how to calculate my HR max? By all accounts the 220 - Age rule is pretty much worthless and there seem to be quite a few other ideas floating around: (20 mins run at max pace, increasing intervals etc). Sadly I'm not sure I can afford a full lab test so I'm hoping there's a simple(ish) way to calculate it? Any help would be really useful.


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    each discipline with have a different max, so you may need to do three... 

    the simplest way is to get a hrm and find a suitable max hr protocol (probably online, or pehaps with a local running/cycling/swimming club) and then flog yourself using the protocol.

    my tri club swim sessions include reasonably regular max tests, so that we know what numbers to work with for specific intensities. i've managed to dodge the last few, but i think they were done on a 3x200m on 15s rest - first at threshold, second at vo2 and the last as a vo2 with neg split. after each 200m we took hr and the highest was the max (usually the second block!).

    i've never done a specific running or cycling protocol, but do enough sessions at high intensity to see figures i could use as a max, or that would be very close. if you want one for the bike i'd recommend doing it on a turbo - much safer!

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