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Talkback: Group bike riding etiquette, explained for triathletes

Half wheeling should be talked about from the group safety perspective not the speed perspective. There may be regional variations of use but I've always understood half wheeling to be when the rider behind overlaps their front wheel with your rear wheel.

It is dangerous to overlap a wheel because when the rider in front moves to avoid an obstacle (or just in the course of normal riding) it is likely that the rear wheel hitting the front wheel of the bike behind will cause the rider behind to fall which will cause a pile up in the rest of the peloton.


  • I understand half wheeling to be as it says in the article: always being half a wheel ahead of the person next to you.  That's not a safety point, just etiquette.  Overlapping the person in front is dangerous for the reason you give, but I think that's usually just called overlapping!

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