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ironman nutrition for a dummie

Hi im hoping to do ironman uk next year providing i can get a spot. Basically what sort of nutrition is best during the race. I know i'll have to try it out before hand. Im no good with all the technical carbs per hour mumbo jumbo. Can any1 simplify it please?


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    personally i'd start from what nutrition products they have at imuk (probably powerbar) and try them out in training, at a variety of intensities. you can start with some rule of thumb amounts (x amount of carbohyrdates per kg of bodyweight per hour) and then see how you cope with it and adjust to suit. 

    that way you find out if you need to carry all your own food on the bike and run, or if you can use what they have at the aid stations. 

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190


    This is really personal and will depend on what you can stomach, whether you can/need to drink a lot and what you prefer. I find for longer races on the bike circa 3 gels an hour with energy drink and a bar every 1.5 hrs or so is good for me.

    Then on the run I try and drink sugary drinks at aid stations and top up with gels, maybe one every 30 minutes depending on how I am feeling.

    Definitely agree with what Ris says, check out the powerbar products they will be likely to have at the aid stations (I'm a fan of the chocolate peanut wafer bars) because if you can stomach the products provided it will save you having to lug around a dozen or more gels on your ride.

    The good news is you have time to try out what works for you on your long sessions in the next 10 months

  • Whatever you choose, one tip is to take TWO IMMODIUM tablets as soon as you get onto the run. Better to be safe than sorry.

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