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Felt IA2 or Cervelo P3 ?? Or outside shot a BMC TM01


I'm buying a TT bike.  I've been measured and advised on a few options and have narrowed it down to either a Felt IA2 or Cervélo P3 Ultegra Di2 11-speed.  The third option is a BMC TM01 (w/ Di2) but Evans doesn't currently have my size and I think the Felt or Cervelo would be better.

Does anyone have opinions on which is the better bike?  The Felt is a grand more but on sale and I'm sure I could justify it to myself...  however current justification largely revolves around it being a bit yellow and there not being as many around, which is not good reasoning.

Helpful input much appreciated.



  • Hi Caro07,

    Personally i would go for cervelo P3 because they look nice and top of the range i think anyway, worth the money.

    11 speed will be really good for time trial events, what where u thinking of doing with the bike, triathlons of time trials? 

    Thanks David

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Well the P3 isn't really top of the range.

    i don't know the details on all the specs but what are the wheels? do you have your own race wheels? if the wheels on both are a bit crummy then a strong argument says the extra grand to go a very long way to some shiny deep section carbon rims for example.

    You have decided Di2 is essential (I agree that is a value add in a TT bike) just check that both have the satellite shifters.

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