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2XU E:2 womens wetsuit in size small-medium. Bought in summer last year from TFN in Nottingham and used only twice so in genuine as new condition. Reluctant sale as not planning to do any triathlons this year. Pictures here


This £350 (RRP) wetsuit is engineered for speed. Key features of this wetsuit are as follows:

1. Concave Water Entrapment Zones (CWEZs) industry first catch panel strips, maximizing feel of the water with extra water entrapment area, supplying more distance per stroke;

2. 0.13 specific gravity design provides the maximum allowable buoyancy sitting you high in the water and therefore reducing drag;

3. Yamamoto neoprene Nano SCS coating – Speed multiplied with 0.025 drag coefficient;

4. Roll bar Technology – Further improving buoyancy in the centre of the wetsuit;

5. S3 neck seal – minimising the entry of water that could compromise buoyancy; and

6. 520% elongation panelling – provides maximum flexibility around the shoulders.

More info can be found on the 2XU website:


Use the toolbar to flip between the features on the front and back of the wetsuit. The website also provides info on fit.

Please contact me on matt(underscore)dilley(at)hotmail(dot)com if you have any queries. £185 ono.
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