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Endless Pool training

I have access to an Endless Pool but can't find any suggested workouts on line. When you have no easy feedback about distance travelled, the regular workouts such as 10 x 200 become meaningless. Has anybody else used one and have any ideas?


  • Hi there,

    We've had another question about endless pool training, so look out for an answer in the magazine's Tri Clinic section in the coming months for some session ideas.

    As you say, without a coach it's not possible to measure distance travelled without constantly looking at a watch... to solve this position a large LED digital clock on your breathing side (you could mount to a wall or place on a table at the side of your pool, a decent one of about 35cm in length will cost about £30) and use time instead of distance. So for example, if a 200m takes you 4mins, set the endless pool at this pace and perform 10 x 4mins. 

    You may want to factor in some extra rest between reps, as it will take a few seconds to get yourself back into the current and begin swimming again mid-set. 

    Hope this helps for now!

    Jack, 220

  • My Daughter has sessions in an endless pool occassionally. We use it mainly for filming and adjusting technique. Royles of Wilmslow (if you're up'north) do a great coaching session where they can highlight and advise on the bad points of your stroke from the billion cameras they have in the tank (above/face/side/below....) you also get a DVD of your session aswell which is great to settle arguments with said stroppy teenager a couple of weeks later when things start to slip 

    My Daughter found whole seconds/100 in her technique in her first 1hr session alone, well worth it. 

  • Thanks both. I shall invest in a clock!

  • They had one of these on a cruise ship I was on, Garmin recorded my fastest swim ever, 7 miles in 32min!!

  • I'm on holiday in Portugal at the moment and ran  an easy 30 minute run last night. Strava had the distance as 1950 km. my son pointed iout that I was only 5th fastest on a Strava segment even though I apparently averaged almost 4000 km/h !!

  • Can't you set the speed on endless pools? So if the current is running  at 2mph you know how far you would have travelled given time in the pool - you could do reps akin to running on a treadmill 

  • I think that's pretty much what Jack said. But you're right !

  • In an Endless Pool, the pace settings are in minutes/100 yards (or meters; it's adjustable). So if you use a stopwatch or pace clock, as Jack suggested, you'd just multiply out from there.

    This chart can help you translate your Endless Pool workouts into their open-water equivalents.
    Scroll down to the bottom of the chart for an example.

    We're also in the process of developing an interval training controller app. We working to have more information on that soon.

    Hope that helps!
    Frank Danay
    Endless Pools Marketing Team

  • I own an endless pool, and have developed a interval training device.

    It is based on the Raspberry Pi, and requires a small amount of soldering and a spare controller.

    If there is much interest in this I can post a 'how to make it' thread.

  • grakaygrakay Posts: 16

    That would be brilliant . I have heard that Endless Pools are bringing out a Bluetooth iPad app that you can pre program your set into, but can't find anything about it on line. 

  • My device basically 'presses electronically' the buttons on the controller. This is done by using an electronic relay, in the form of optocouplers, protected by resistors. This is then connected to the Pi, which runs the timing of the button pushes. 

    It sounds a bit complicated, but if you can get a Pi to light up an LED then it is pretty much the same as that. I got my Pi for Christmas last year, and have designed and built this in my spare time.

    I am looking for somewhere to publish this, as it requires specific formatting for me to publish the program that the Pi runs for the interval training. I hope to have this sorted fairly soon.

    In the meantime I have opened up a Github account, which is where I hope to publish the details. I have added 2 photos so far, one showing how to solder the controller, and the other showing the Pi running the interface.



    PS I have lost about 7 lbs testing the thing 

  • grakaygrakay Posts: 16

    I'll need 2 then because I need to lose a stone ????

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