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Are your sporting experiences being captured?

Hi Everyone, 

I'm a keen triathlete much like everyone else. In recent times I've been a bit disappointed with some of my race photos which is frustrating and has led me to do some further investigation on the matter. Seeking some feedback (to see if im the only one) and to see how we can aim to improve the participants experience. 

I've put together a quick survey on google forms and should only take a few minutes, it covers the perspectives as a participant and a spectator at amateur sporting events. I appreciate not all questions will be applicable to yourself so answer only what is relevant. 

All responses are anonymous, email entry at the bottom of the page is not linked to the survey. 

I hope this is ok administrators please remove if not. 

Here is the link to the quick survey http://goo.gl/forms/oiIlvjmFFr

Your input is appreciated 



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