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Cyclox/road bike conundrum!

Hi all!.. After starting this year at 16 stone and deciding to lose some weight for my wedding in April 2016, I decided I could probably do with shedding a few pounds! I got talked into doing the plymouth half marathon back in may which I took on tom give me motivation to get out and train!... I completed it in a respectable 1hr 56 mins and have been hooked on training since.. I'm now currently entered into the inaugural Bristol to bath marathon in October and am on target with my training.... However... Thanks to my brothers ex marine friend, I am now also entered into the Bolton full iron man for next July! Having not been on a bike since childhood, I need to get some serious miles in between now and then.. (My swimming isn't too bad and currently swimming a mile in approx 35 mins... I will be getting some coaching in this area to improve my efficiency) So to the question In hand... I'm not in the iron man to win the event (obviously) and I won't be able to afford more than one decent bike to train and race with ... So I'm torn whether to get a decent road bike or to go for. Cycle cross (currently looking at the cannondale caadx 105) living in Plymouth we've for plenty of decent moorland road to eat up, but also plenty I bridle ways and rough track to explore as well... Id also be using it to commute and our roads are notoriously full of potholes! Will this bike or something similar be a good bet to make my training fun but also be man enough to get me through the 112 miles of an iron man? I understand that you can switch tyres to make it more road bike like. I appreciate any help and advice you could give me! Many thanks Neal
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