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Talkback: Ironman 70.3 World Champs 2015: British female age-groupers shine

Had a great time and had to share a taxi with Tim Don from Munich Airport to Zell an See - such a nice guy and so helpful - he told me all about the 10-mile hill which he had previously cycled up. I've had a very bad year with accidents and incidents! First, two cataract ops which put me off games for nearly two months - then before the two months were up I broke my arm in January and didn't get the plaster off till March 4th. Then went at training like a bull at a gate and did my rotator cuff in - followed by the other one!! As if that wasn't enough, I then suffered a dog attack in the woods while I was out running. It was a nasty attack and put me out of action for another week. And finally I bruised my ribs when losing the Battle of the Loppers in the garden. So, in spite of all set backs, you will see that I was pleased to be in it and to come 3rd in my age group. The others in my age group didn't make the bike cut off time. A tough day with hills and heat and lack of fitness but, as the Americans always say, "I was in it and I did it!"
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