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Brakes for Shiv

I have a Shiv Comp and have upgraded most of the components to Dura-Ace. I however cannot stand the brakes and want to put something else on... What could I use? I first thought it would be easy and get the direct mount version of The Ultegra or Dura-Ace callers... Apparently they won't fit... Is this true? Thanks in advance for any help! TC


  • Wait, you are on DA brakes and do not like them? If not, what pad/rim combo are you running?

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    If you have the $ to upgrade everything to Dura-Ace then something that might take your fancy is the Tri-Rig Omega-X aero brake - these definitely fit on a Shiv (the Shiv version anyway), are designed to be easy to use/install and are advertised to offer strong aero performance - might be worth investigating. One snag, you will have to order from US.

  • There really is not brake upgrade as pertaining to feel or power over DA...period. BUT, on a Tri bike the cables are often long, the lever pull ratio is not the same as a Shimano lever and or the pads are the wrong pads. I think what the OP needs is, is better cables and or shoes.

  • Thanks so far guys for the advice. I played about with cable length and it has made a massive difference. I think the main issue I have is the return rather than the braking force.

    For the record they are not DA... They don't do a DA for the Shiv frame... Unfortunately.
  • Ahhhh...sorry, my error. I know the exact brake you have. I know a number of pros who also do not like them. The question turns into, what housing are you using? You are going to want to use JagWire or some other housing that will not compress. I even knew a few guys who used radial shift housing on their brakes (with the right ID).


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