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Physio say's no!

I have just had a trip to the Physio for 1 angry ankle. I was hoping she would say 'scale back the distance but keep up the good work'. Instead when I asked if I can run she said 'NO'
This has knocked the crap out of my confidence. I am training for Wales and realise there is some (not a lot) of time to sort this out with out rocking the training boat too much. To top things off I live in a house where exercise is not understood and the thought of pushing yourself when your tired is silly. So when I state I'm knackered before going for a training session I'm encouraged to sit down and take it easy (self motivation is getting harder).
I guess I'm looking for reasurance that it's not all about to go belly up.


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    No it won't go belly up but it will if you try and run on an injured ankle.

    You can always get some distance work in later, if you can do a 20k well then you can manage a 42k
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Could go for a second opinion,but if the ankle is as bad as you say then the next physio would say no as well.

    Was it a total no to physical exercise or just to running.

    Fitness from one discipline will carry over to the others.Instead of running,substitute for cycling.

    Look to strengthen your muscles that support the ankle.

    Are you looking to race IM Wales or just finish it????
    Better to walk away today and race tomorrow,than race today and hang up your racing shoes tonight!

    It is easy to say sod it and go and race,but Only you know the score,it is always annoying when someones says stop,but we pay money to get their judgment.

    Give yourself a time line,then make the decision.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    I tried to train through an injury.... ended up not training properly for 5mths....

    just saying....
  • wburnishwburnish Posts: 41
    I would take it carefully and listen. i wish i had to my wife when it came apparent that the sore ankle I had been training on was a broken fibula and only found out after 4 months when i tripped over the wellies and broke a metatarsal.

    Have you asked what training you can do. I found that although I wasnt allowed to run that I could do cycling.

    hope my gibberish helpsish
  • Thank's for the replys.
    I can continue with swim and bike work so I guess I will focus my efforts towards my strength's. I have been trying to work on my running as it is my weakest link, I'm encouraged that if I can cover 20k then I could do 42k makes it seem much more managable.
    jon.E- I just want to finish IM Wales. I will walk away tonight. What time line do you think I should give before re assesing.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    For a long distance race,I would try to be ready(as good as I can be,with a certainty of finishing under the cuttoff),by three weeks before the race.

    Mentally you have to ask yourself what would you prefer a DNS or a DNF,if you have paid your cash,cannot get a refund,and just feel that the run will be the problem,no reason gor not doing the swim and the bike and then pulling the pin when the pain kicks in,a hard decision,but deep down you know which is right,your health should always come first,Personnally if I am not capable of a solid weeks training before the race(tapering),with no ill effects,I reside myself to a DNS.

    Best of luck
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Dan - consesnsus is to heed the advice and don't run on the ankle but look at other traiining.

    Yes if you can manage 20k you can do 42k, have you thought about a walk/run? Run 9min at say 10kph walk 1min that would give a run time of about 4:30

    As Jon says only you can make the final decision about a start, only start if you are confident of a finish

    Good luck
  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    As the veteran of many ankle sprains heeding the Physio's advice is most sensible. Running on a dodgy ankle will only make it worse as I have discovered a few times What did the physio say about starting range of motion/stability exercises? There is a thread on 'the other' forum that might be of interest to you where I asked for some opinions on strengthening for my ankle a couple of months ago. http://forum.bcttt.com/viewtopic.php?f= ... ilit=ankle

    Running is no substitute for cycling, but there is actually some beneficial transference from cycling to running, so by throwing in some extra bike sessions you can minimise the loss of training. There is still time to make the start line, so all is not lost yet.
  • My ankle has been feeling much better over the weekend. It's been nearly a week since I last went for a run. I have only had a swim this weekend as I have suffered from a lack of motivation (my wife say's it proves that I'm still human). The Physio said the more mobility and foam roller stuff I do the quicker I will recover, i have recently perchased a grid roller so that is getting ton's of use. I'm also going back to Sigma where I got a BG fit done for my bike and shoes maybe they can advise me to change the angle of my cleats ( clutching at straws but not as bad as Friday).
    Thanks again for all comments and thoughts any more will be appreciated
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