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Talkback: Sub 1-hour session: swim intervals for beginners

Favourite set at the moment 30x100m s/r 1:50 as 10 full, 10 pull, 10 pull with paddles target all sub 1:35. Hope to go sub 1hr at IMVichy in 2016. Will look to reduce s/r to 1:45.


  • I think the term beginner is totally wrong here. 400M warmup, that is almost a session for me!!! I think 400m warmup followed by what is essentially 1000m main set is not a beginner session! A beginner in triathlon may only just have learnt to swim!
  • fleeflee Posts: 1

    and there lies the problem with most of the stuff on 220 - everybody forgets what its like to be a "beginner" struggling to even make it to the pool and being out of breathe after half a dozen lengths. Time for some real "beginner" advice before you start talking about sub 1 hour IM swims!!

  • I've been having swim lessons and have just managed to complete 400m front crawl after months of lessons..i think swimming is the scariest aspect of triathlons as anyone can plod on a bike or walk a run route.. But you can either swim or you can't really..

    I've just entered the London Tri in August at Olympic distance just to give me something to work towards.. I've had a retul bike fit which has transformed my riding and I think with the help of my swim coach I'll succeed in meeting the 1200m swim required.
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