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I am looking to change my TT bike and am unsure what to purchase.  I currently have a QR Seduza but am looking to upgrade.  I have been looking at 3 - Dassi, Beacon or Argon?  does anyone have any suggestions? I am confused and spending £3K is not easy.


  • nmullin what type of triathlons do you like? Upto Olympic distance? so you can get away with a more aerodynamic less comfortable bike! - Or are you a 70.3 and Ironman triathlete, where you could be spending, 6,7,8 hours in the saddle? if so, a degree of comfort will be necessary   The Argon 18 range are good - the new E117 is a great all rounder - a good enough aero position to benefit you on the shorter events, but a slight degree of comfort built in so you can go marathon running after the ride!!  
  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Maybe keep and eye on the pricing of the new canyon speedmax when the pricing comes out?

  • Have a bike fit first. The data from that will allow you to choose a bike that will fit you naturally rather than adding spacers etc. Some bikes suit longer legs and shorter upper bodies and vicer verser   

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    Les is spot on... if you are looking to blow that sort of money then i think the best thing is to get to a bike shop, find out what suits your body shape, flexibility, targets etc. there are loads of great bikes out there for that sort of money. 

  • I agree regarding a bike fit too... I went and had a Guru fit to do exactly that. Well worth the money. Some places will even discount the cost of the fit against a bike purchase (TriUK and thetriathlonshop being 2 that I know do)

    I was quite surprised ultimately with what I came out with.... I had my eye on Argon18 and Cannondale bikes and neither would fit me without doing silly things with stems and spacers.

    I'm glad i spent the time and money making sure I didn't spend a £3k mistake!!!

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