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Gear/Chain Noise

I've just bought a Mekk Pinerolo 1.5 and although not that expensive in the big scheme of things it is the most I've ever paid for a bike. Now, I always associated a chain rattle at the top end of the gears as a result of my previous bikes being budget level. However, I'm getting a steady rattle in the top 3, of 18, gears on this one. so, the question is, is this normal then?


  • Baldy
    Can you see why it is rattling?
    If it is the chain not quite aligned with the sprocket, try tightening the cable a little using the barrel adjuster on the back of the rear derailleur

    (if you have tightened it too much, you won't be able to get into smallest sprocket )

    If the noise is the top jockey wheel on the derailleur hitting the cassette, then screw in the B tension screw (screw on the back of the derailleur that alters the angle the derailleur sits on the frame stop) - this will push the jockey wheel back and down, away from the cassette

    Also, check you have sufficient chain lube on

    Good luck - Ian -

  • Is is a 'loose' rattle, that its on the power stroke on triggered by road inputs like bumps, 

    or is it a grind rattle at a certain point on you top ring?


     it might be a simple as the front mech just needs a little more high point / tension to make sure it is clear of the chain when it is coming from right-of-centre in the three lower cogs

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Which ring? if you are riding small ring to small ring then this can be a problem and will almost certainly be the chain rubbing on the front derailleur which can be fixing by adding some tension into the barrel adjuster on the front!

  • Baldy, have you tried 'youtubeing' a how to adjust video?

    I used to be useless with gear adjustment / alignment and always got annoyed at having to take my bike into a shop to be sorted, after a bit of midway pausing on the videos you get the hang of what to do and doing this and tinkering yourself makes it easier to diagnose issues in the future too.

  • BaldyBaldy Posts: 16

    Thanks all, gonna have a little play this weekend

  • KarlWKarlW Posts: 6

    As a small aside, if your happy to start playing with your gears indexing be prepared to admit when you're beat and be honest with the spanner you take it to.
    Too often I have had to readjust gears for customers with limit screws out of whack and barrel adjusters unscrewed all the way out. ("Don't know how that happened.")  Gear set up isn't a dark art, but you do need to understand what each screw does before playing with it.

    If by top 3 you mean the largest three cogs at the back your hanger may be slightly out of alignment, quite common if the bike was mail ordered. (Derailluers tend to take a few knocks in transit.) But a quick fix if you can borrow the right (Pricey.) tool.

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