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Hi! Looking for a bit of training advice. Ive started my winter training to take part in some triathlons next year and as part of my training im trying block training. Here in lies the problem.....after a 35 min session on the bike then going into a easy paced run I get ridiculous cramp in my calfs and shins. My fitness feels fine but this is stopping me from training my running, I literally did half a mile tonight then had to walk back because it hurt so much. What can I do to prevent this? It happens when I just solely run as well time to time. Help! TIA


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    Running shoes could be causing problem, have you had a gait analysis ? Have you had any advice on your foot strike hence type of shoe you require? if not a trip to specialist run shop might help , if you had this done I would go back to shop and let them know the probs you having .
  • Thanks for the reply, no i havent i didnt realise there were dofferent sorts? I'll get oj it and see if things improve
  • I had the same problem. My remedy was to drink electrolytes whilst training and also take magnesium supplements. That worked into a 48m cycle into a 6 mile hill run
  • Update- purchased some proper running trainers and some electrolyte powder. Problem solved

    Thanks for the advice
  • The honest answer is no-one really knows why cramps are cause or the exact way in which to treat them. Chances are there are some very specific cardiovascular and neuromuscular peculiar to you that cause your cramps.

    Hopefully you find this article interesting http://home.trainingpeaks.com/blog/article/the-real-cause-of-muscle-cramps

    They are working on solution of ginger, chilli and cinnamon.... bizarre huh!?

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