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Specialized Transition TT Bike

This is my Specialized Transition Comp from 2006.

The bike is currently set up in an aggressive aero position. Combined with a rigid frame (cheap carbon frames are not rigid) this setup means you will lose less power.

What's different to the original specification?

  1. The wheels are the same as the original wheels (MAVIC AKSIUM RACE) however they are a newer pair, the hub is slightly different looking.
  2. The tyres are SCHWALBE ULTREMO.
  3. Pedals are not included - although when you come to collect/try I can put a strapped pair on temporarily. If you want to cycle away with it then I can probably scavenge some MTB pedals from a kids bike just to get you home.
  4. The rear cassette (compact) is SRAM and fairly new.
  5. The stem (on the headset) is an upgrade (possibly an S-WORKS, can't remember). It's lighter and slightly longer than the original allowing for a more aggressive/forwards position.
  6. Headset spacers have been moved to allow lowest possible handlebars (can easily be put back).
  7. The headset bottom cap (not sure that's the right name, the bit that touches the frame) has been replaced with the thinnest possible.

Reason for sale: The N+1 rule has maxxed out!

Provenance: I don't have the original receipt but the bike is registered to me on some police ownership scheme. There's probably numerous pictures of me using it over the years on various sites.

Comments: The aerobars are the original IRONMAN BRANDED/CARBON STRYKE ones. If this is your first TT bike they are MUCH easier to get used to than flat ones and much comfier. This years science says that pointy-up ones like this are better than the flat ones. Next year the advice will probably change! In reality it makes no difference. There are marks on the frame commensurate with the bikes age. The bike has never been crashed/dropped. I've put back on the original BG seat which is little used and fairly padded.  The bike has carbon seat post and carbon forks - they make no difference, the forks have a little rubber sheath near the axle which does dampen road vibration somewhat.

Frame Size: As shown in images MEDIUM/54. I am 5'9" and my jeans are 30cm inside leg and there is plenty of adjustment left on the bike either way. It could probably suit someone from 5'6" to 6'2" depending on leg length.

If you're even contemplating spending upwards of GBP1500 on a TT/tri bike then your best bet for the fastest bike is to get a rigid frame like this and then splash out about £1000 on a very good pair of wheels and TT helmet. The only exception to that would be where you are considering racing particularly hilly races where frame weight will play a factor. ON A FLAT ROAD, ONCE UP TO SPEED, FRAME WEIGHT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE - BUT FRAME RIGIDITY DOES.

Happy for you to inspect: TW11 near Teddington train station.

cash, bank transfer or paypal please. Please note that payment by paypal is definitely NOT instant. I need cleared funds before I can let you take the bike away (electronic bank transfer will be instant to our First Direct account).


 Specification taken from external website - indicative, may vary slightly.


  • Retailed: 2005-2011
  • 54cm                                                                     &nb
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