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Hello, I've just signed up for my first Iron Man Mallorca 2016, that was the easy part! Now I've sorted the accomadation and taking the training in hand over the next 12 months. The final piece in the jigsaw is, what's the best way of getting my bike to the start line from the UK to Mallorca? Anyone's advice and experience would be appreciated as I'm looking to buy/rent a bike box too. Jet2 are asking ??80 for transporting it to the hotel also considering companies that transport it....


  • I know people who have just taken a cardboard box and stuffed their bike in.

    Personally, i would use a good bike box. GCN and Durianrider have some really good videos on how to pack your bike in one. I'd avoid renting a bike if I could, just means that you know exactly what you're getting, how worn the tires are, if the gears are indexed right, all of that kinda stuff. Any bike box would be fine.

    As for getting to the hotel, the taxi companies in Mallorca have always been helpful, I'm sure they would sort you out if you contacted them in advance.

    I hope this helps!

  • same position i was in last year - and completing Ironman Majorca this year

    I recommend the velo vault which is very similar to the bike box alan - we fly with Monarch and its £30 E/W for the bike box - you can also use Nirvana who charge around £200 inc an equipment bag with the advantage you don't have to assemble your bike.  However i only had to take wheels and handlebar off with velo vault so assembly was easy (and video on their site)  - we used a local taxi company to get to Hotel without issue

  • Having done Ironman Mallorca this year, I booked my bike box on my flight with EasyJet and all went smoothly. Just had to pay normal excess charge for oversize baggage (£30 E/W) as with many other airlines. Hired and used a Bike Box Alan which Ive used on a number of occasions and works really well (Polaris hard case also passed previous test with flying colours).

    Another storage/weight saving trick is to pack your track pump, nutrition, helmet, wetsuit, cycling shoes, pedals etc all in the bike box too freeing up space and weight in your checked luggage. Also use cable ties on all the locks to ensure the bike box doesn't pop open when the luggage handlers decide to lob your bike from the plane on the approach to landing.

    One last thing, make sure you arrive early for check in to ensure your bike makes it onto the flight as you'll prob be flying with other people who also want to do the same.

    Good luck and enjoy!

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