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Bike Insurance

Hi Guys,

I wanted to get some of your thoughts on Bike Insurance. My bike is worth around £1700 which is a huge amount for me so I'm thinking of getting Insurance.

It's not just for the bike but the thoughts of some dafty walking out in front of me or clipping a car.

Has anyone had any dealings in this, do they do international cover?

I'm cycling to Frankfurt in the New Year and would preferably like to have cover for my journey.

Any tips hints or advice welcome.

Thanks in advance 


  • Rigrooster
    A lot of our customers take out insurance via our specialist broker. The policy is a fully comprehensive one and covers you and your bike even if the incident is your fault - there are then a couple of options - cover whilst you are racing, and cover of kit (jersey/shorts/helmet/garmin)

    to give you an idea, a bike worth £1,700, would cost £120ish per year - with kit option and racing cover, it'd be £140ish per year

    regards, Ian

  • Is that worldwide cover?? 

    could you possible send me more details or can I get a formal qoute from the facebook link??

  • Off the top of my head, the cover includes 90 days in Europe each year

    Probably best if you PM me your number via the facebook link , and I can get Vanessa (she is at the insurance centre and is the expert in the policy details) to give you a ring to discuss the full detail

  • try yellow jersey cycle insurance - very good and reasonably priced

  • Try Yellow Jersey they covered my ??8000 bike for ??400 which was the most comprehensive and straightforward policy cover I needed. This is for travel to Tri/Ironman events accross Europe. The policy covers from my home to the start and back including in transport also a bit of kit added to the cover too.

    Also consider BIKMO but YJ suited me.
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