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I'm new to triathlons and I'm slowly getting new kit, I'm curious to know what you seasoned triathletes prefer helmet wise....... the casco speedster/giro air attack shield type or the lazer wasp/pointy tail type 


  • Giro Air style for me although I use an Specialized Evade myself


    The pointy one do have their place in racing but they are not likely to make much difference to someone who is just starting out in triathlon.

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    I use an Evade as well.

    If you are new to riding a TT bike then I really wouldn't bother with a long tail. If you can't hold it in the optimum position/you head bob etc then it'll cost you more than you benefit.

    Having been doing tri's for 3 years I am only now contemplating a long tail lid.

    As a general point there are definitely better ways to spend a couple hundred ££ than on a long-tail lid - a well fitting tri suit or clip on aerobars for example will both save more time and cost less. There are various pieces on the internet setting out "cost per second saved" which are well worth reading

  • Thanks for the replys, what other things are/aren't worth upgrading or getting? especially when it comes to the bike

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Food for thought, there's probably a more recent one


    otherwise if you have aero bars can I recommend a bta hydration system... More aero than the down tube and easier to drink from in he aero tuck so easier to hold aero.

  • Late reply, I have a Giro Air Attack Shield. Going up hill in Lanzarote, I upturned the visor to get more air round my face then turned it back round going downhill. Good value Aero helmet. And if you lose your shield they are easily replaced by online stockists.
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