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Hi. I'm signed up to do the Leeds triathlon next year (the world triathlon series one in June, not the regular one that happens in September). This will be my first olympic distance tri (done one sprint this year), but since I'm Leeds based, figured this was too good an opportunity not to step up! I'm wondering if there others in a similar position - I'm interested in the idea of getting a community of people who are going through the same training. I'm not necessarily suggesting we would train together (though that might be a possibility), but we could create a facebook group, perhaps have a group on various fitness apps etc, to help motivate each other and share experiences. I'm not really in a position to join a triathlon club, so I can't really do this through that route. I don't have a fixed idea of how this might work, but just thought I'd put an ad out and see if anyone responded! If anyone is vaguely interested, feel free to get in touch!
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