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VO2/Lactate threshold test

I've got the opportunity to do one of these for £120 (a good price so I'm told).

Has anyone had one of these done and can you confirm that the return on investment was a good one?



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    The test is a snapshot of your state when you take the test. If you take the data and use them to set training intensities expect your Lactate and VO2max to change. Sometimes quite markedly. These changes should be noticeable within three weeks meaning another test after say four to six weeks.

    The big problem is that you will probably have a different VO2max for swimming, biking & running. There are various self tests available to set your training zones and can be done as often as you like: Swimsmooths CCS test for swimming: Joe Friels TT tests to determine heart rate or power zones on a bike: For running you can use standalone race results to set training zones. All are free, repeatable and are sport specific.

    However, I would be tempted by the test for ??120 simply out of curiosity. Ideally it would be taken at the start of a more intense training block and I would like a follow up once the hard work has been done. ??120 could be better invested in say an aero helmet with proven benefits or a few sessions with a good coach.

  • Cheers Harry, I'm particularly interested in bike VO2max scores.

    As I'm on a bit of a budget I'll be trying these first!!

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