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Bike advice: Felt B16 or Cube Aerium Pro ?

Hi there

First post on the forum, hoping for some advice.

Am considering an entry level tri bike on the companies cycle scheme.

Ive narrowed my selection down to two bikes and I would appreciate any advice on which 'may' be the best option.

Ive added a link to the spec of each bike.

1, 2015 Felt B16 (Carbon).


2, 2015 Cube Aerium Pro (alu)


My thoughts:

- Frame on the Felt is probably better (same mould as higher spec bikes just lower spec carbon) so more upgradeable.

- Higher spec components on the Cube

- Cube more versatile (can use as normal road bike)

- Weights are almost identical (9.24/9.21KG)

Ive had a quick test ride on the Felt and initial thoughts were good even without proper fitting.  I am planning on trying the Cube at another shop tomorrow.

I like the idea of the cube being almost a 'half way house' between road and tri as it means the bike would get more use but Im worried i'll be left regretting not going full tri spec.  That said I doubt there would be much between the two in terms of performance.

For what its worth Ive sourced both bikes at a good price with the Cube coming up £50 cheaper than the Felt.

Any opinions to help my decision would be appreciated.





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