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Talkback: Should you stretch before running?

Very topical subject area at the moment - it seems complex but it depends on your personal background and fitness/experience - most of us 'know' our bodies but science in sport is advancing

From my own experience I used to static stretch before any run or tri event - however this summer I noticed that static stretching actually put strain on my calf muscles especial when road running - I do try to avoid the hard surfaces

Looking back 30 years when I first started triathlon there were many events - especially half ironman, I did without static stretching - I have come around to the idea that a slow dynamic method may be the best way forward - e.g walking and stretching jogging slow building up pace for 15 mins or

so - with winter upon us I would also suggest wearing tights and suitable tops to avoid cold muscles!


  • "Yes" 

  • BaldyBaldy Posts: 16

    I used to but now don't having been advised against stretching cold muscles. I do, however, still do my hip flexor stretches as these bad boys have given me issues in the past.

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