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Talkback: Planet X Exocet 2

Dear Triathlets,

do yourself a great favour and STAY AWAY from Exocet 2 as well as from Planet X. I had Exocet 2 frame which broke while training, luckily it was on home trainer. Exocet 2 has seat post clamp issue that loosens (original Exocet had issues with that part as well). Dealing with after-sale customer care is on primary school level or even worse...in short got my frame replaced by a scratched, damaged and not functional one. There were as well short plastic tubes running loose inside the frame (accordingly to customer care "current industry standard that protects frame"). Huge number of e-mails and waiting time of about 2 months, all due to number of people dealing with one issue, lack of internal information exchange and no idea about customer care. You will be better off to buy directly from Taiwan or China as this company has no added value! STRONGLY DISCOURAGE from buying products at Planet X!!!


  • Funny, I had the exact opposite experience. See image - Planet X Carbon Stealth Pro, Campagnolo Record 11, Zipp wheels, Carbon X bars w/Custom titanium extensions

  • Tommy Boy totally agree had issue with my frame snapping, on ride number two, blamed me for damaging it and many many emails, solicitors letters and court appearance (which they never turned up for) later I got sorted and replaced. 


    Process took 8 months customer service and build quality was pathetic.

    Would never buy planet x again replaced with a Giant trinity and am more than happy.

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