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Achilles Tendonitis


I have a recurring Achilles ache in my left leg, I ruptured the one in my right leg about 20 years ago.

The latest tweak came off running a 20k (which is long for me) then a few days later doing a strength session which included dead lifts and lunges, then on a 10k aerobic run (two days later) I had to stop and walk the last half kilometre due to the pain.

It's likely the sessions before have contributed to this latest episode but in reality I always have a mild (1 out of 10) ache in my right Achilles.

Question is: Has anyone else suffered from this and over come it? If so, how?


  • Get it looked at. A friend of mine was a keen runner but he got some sort of build up, calcium I think, he now isn't able to run.

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    The key thing with a sore Achilles is to lay off it. Due to poor circulation and innervation in the ligament a "slight" pain could mean you have done some serious damage.

    I had a light twinge in my Achilles about a month ago and dropped right off the running (as whilst this wasn't especially painful it was right) and focused on control exercises in the calf muscles. I understand that poor dynamic control of the calf when running can lead to more stresses being forced through the Achilles and ankle more generally rather than being controlled/dissipated by the muscles of the lower leg. I noticed from these exercises that raising and lowering my ankle (like a calf raise) under load on my injured side was less smooth and more juddery than on my good side which reflects the less dynamic control. It might be worth look at some exercises for this as well.

    Of course none of this is a substitute for getting it looked at, particularly if you have chronic pain which doesn't go away after a couple of weeks of no running.

  • Cheers, appointment with the physio booked for this week.

    Incidentally, I laid off the workouts this week and performed calf raises on my bottom stair twice a day. I completed a successful 10k this morning with no ill effects

  • gb901gb901 Posts: 148

    Ruptured my right end of 2002 and was recommended to start taking glucosamine sulphate tablets to strengthen ligaments and tendons - havent looked back! Also stretching exercises before and after activity helps

  • cheers gb901, was thinking about trying them out...

  • Quick update! Achilles sorted within two weeks!

    A combination of rest, calf raises, massage and foam rolling managed to sort it out. The problem was over-training...perennial issue that one!


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