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Help please

I've been injured a few times and seen a variety of treatment providers but who best understands triathletes? I'm new to Cardiff and don't want to waste time and money trying lots. I need someone that can help with Achilles tendinitis and ongoing injury prevention. Physios, sports therapists, soft tissue therapists, manipulation specialists the list goes on and all promise to help!


  • Hi Malcolm,

    Sorry to hear this!

    I've had my fair share of injuries over the last few years (achilles paratendonitis, stress fractures and a broken ankle, ouch!) and have seen a physio with all of these and been really happy with the treatment.

    I also see someone who specialises in sports massage when things are just feeling a bit tense or yucky.

    My advice would be to maybe get in touch with your local tri or running club if you're new to the area and see who they recommend?

    Hope you get it fixed!


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    it might not help with the time, but the cost might be cheaper if you try the cardiff uni or cardiff met med/physio depts. bound to be a few experienced students there... 

    helen's suggestion of the tri club is a good idea, similarly cardiff met (what was, perhaps still is, the welsh institute of sport) may have a recommendation. 

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