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T1 tips please!

Any tips for a quick T1 please-completed my first Tri at the weekend and lost lots of time in the transition zone-needed to eat as felt dizzy after the swim and couldn't get organised because of this! It took ages! Thank you!


  • Hi,

    what was your problem, just lost time putting on shoes and was it an open water swim or pool. If u get  back to me ill with them, i've done a lott of triathlons around the country and willing to help


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    hi hannah - welcome to the forums!

    as david has said, it would be useful to know what distance you were doing, what sort of swim etc. did you have a long run from the swim to t1, too? it's not uncommon for people to experience dizziness after the swim and usually the advice is to remember to kick hard toward the end of the swim to try and get the blood moving a bit more to the extremities. 

    how much did you eat before the event and how long before? 

    well done on completing your first tri, and i hope you enjoyed it enough to want to do another! 

  • Wow, first I've heard of eating curing dizziness but whatever works right!? Congrats n your first tri Hannah

  • First TRI is just a step in a steep learning curve, you are more likely to feel dizzy if you sprint to t1, try a steady run especially if its uphill.

  • If you felt dizzy in T1 you might have not drank enough prior to the event or it could have been nerves playing mind games with, just keep going and you will be fine 


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