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cycle acrossAustralia World Record Attempt

Hi, Bob Brown here, British record holder for deca ironman triathlon. My back is knackered now so coach children triathlon instead of competing. Two of the children I coach, a brother and sister, are attempting to set World Records for the youngest to cycle across Australia (3000 miles from Perth to Sydney in Nov 2015). I am organising and co-ordinating the attempt as well as cycling with them. I am looking for 6 British triathletes to join us on the ride.We will be cycling between 90-100 miles per day for 32 days. TV coverage is secured. A great chance to escape the British winter and get aq tremendous fitness base as well as an opportunity to experience a brilliant adventure. If interested, do get in touch.



[email protected]


  • I would do it but im not sure if ill get the supprot to get there?

    Thanks David

  • Lisa GLisa G Posts: 29

    Is this November 2015 or 2016?  You say this November but we are half way through the month.  If it was next year me and my other half Rich would be interested in hearing more about it.  We have done a few self support cycle tours ourselves so would be up for the challenge..



  • Sorry Lisa, Typo mistake. Is Nov 2016!


  • Lisa GLisa G Posts: 29
    Will drop you an email.
  • If you need a british triathlete im here!



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