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Sprint to olympic in 8 Weeks

hello, im new to Triathlon, ive been training for the past 12weeks towards a triathlon sprint and hooked!

i was thinking of doing another sprint at the end of the season, but i was wondering if 8 weeks is a realistic goal from a sprint to olympic distance?

what are your thoughts? my Sprint time is estimates to be in the 1.30 - 1.45 Min and thats a very realistic goal but more importantly i want to do this, and im good with not getting into a competative mode, just completing the race will be my goal rather than scoring high/time

ive often done large cycling events/half marathons so im looking to step it up a notch, keep my mind focused on somthing through out the summer and make the most of this new found hobby



  • MGMG Posts: 470
    The jump from sprint to oly isnt as huge as you may think.

    You say you've participated in cycle events and run a half mara, if this is the case the only thing that could be the deal breaker is the swim. You could easily train 7-8 weeks and build your swim to cover that so the only thing holding you back is your bottle................do it..............DO IT!!! :D
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 0
    Hi, when you say you did a sprint was that a 400m or 750/800 swim distance ? was it pool or open water ?

    I would like to do an olympic but has just finished my first tri and the swim part was awful (truely!) and I was looking to do a 750 swim next and then enter an olympic.

    Interested if you have a training plan to take you from sprint to olympic ? Swim is my biggest concern.

  • samwookiesamwookie Posts: 28
    the triathlon is in 3 weeks, its open water 705M / 20KM Bike / 5KM Run

    and the olympic is double... spoke to personal trainer i know and said its possible if i organise my recovery, he suggested i start taking gelatin?

    im on it with the isotonics and died fruits (over gels and other sports 'enhancment' drinks) though i wonder about the use of gelatin...

    i think im going to do it. starting by jumping into week 3 or 4 of a 12 week training program in june

    thanks for the input, sam
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Gelatin - sounds dubious. Ask why & what are the benefits? Just been through a few books on sports nutrition, training & conditioning and no mention of gelatin. Can recall reading an article in a tri-mag about it but you know how dodgy the reasearch behind such articles can be. Have had a look on Wikipedia & nothing there to indicate it would enhance sports performance.

    There is no nutritional magic bullet - if there was everyone would be using it & some B-list sports star would be endorsing it! Keep to a well balanced diet. Dried fruit is better for you than gels and the like. If you move from completing to competing you may need to reconsider this though but not the well balanced diet bit. For the vast majority of us a well balanced diet requires no supplements no matter the amount of training.

    All it takes is properly applied training. That is to build up gradually from what you are currently doing which for most people would be a 5-10% increase in volume per week, take every 4th week easy and get lots of rest to recover from your training. If you are doing intervals etc keep them going but if not don't worry - there's plenty of time to develop your training for later races.

    Give it a go & best of luck

  • samwookiesamwookie Posts: 28
    hello all, the trialthlon became a duathlon, ive booked myslef in for a another sprint... and thinking of giving my self a few more weeks to train for the olympic that will be at teh end of the season

    thanks for your input. i AM DOING IT!! (thanks MG)

    ill leave gelitine as i also cannot find any research on the stuff benifiting recovery other than a ingreadiant in cakes (Harry D - cakes are worth making some..)

    thanks for the comments!

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