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Stuck at Sea and I can't swim

Hi Guys,


I'm hoping for some advice/tips.

I work out at sea for 2-3 weeks at a time. The running and the Cycling are fine we have treadmills and bikes, obviously we don't pools and jumping over the side for a quick dip isn't really an option. Has anyone had experience with this and advice on what exercises I can do to to build up the same muscle groups I would be using for Swimming or what's the best course of action?

All advice welcomed with open arms!! 

Thanks in Advance!! 


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    quite a challenge! some of the answer might relate to your swimming background and ability. if you are a relatively new swimmer where working on and developing technique is important then you might need to do different things to an experienced swimmer with a solid technique.

  • I'm a strong swimmer but technique, as always, needs work. I can get to the pool on my time off for three weeks solid but then obviously that goes out the window when I'm back out at sea.

    I do strength training but I'm newbie to the sport as a whole I just wanted to know if there are exercises I can do which keep my swimming fitness level progressing.
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