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hi all, I'm thinking of putting in some serious time in the gym, basically I want to get stronger. I've always been involved with crossfit etc, and like the workouts. Anyone have any ideas for training plans?




  • Hi Neil,

    Tricky one to answer without know more of your background, level of strength/fitness now and objectives with timelines? Generally though:

    1. Use free weights rather than machines to recruit supporting muscles

    2. Focus on core exercises to build overall strength: dead lifts, squats, bench press, kettle swings etc...

    3. Pay attention to nutrition. Get a really good protein powder, makes loads of difference

    4. Listen to your body. A training plan is only as good as the quality sessions you use it on. If you cheat form or go into the gym with soreness or injuries you'll be doing more damage than good.

    Sorry! Probably not what you were after, but hopefully some help. Perhaps post the muscle groups you want to train or any deadlines you are working to and you may get more replies.

    Good luck!

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    What are you trying to achieve - if you want strength and conditioning for triathlon then "putting in some serious time in the gym" is pretty pointless and you should be focusing on doing 2-3 sessions of circa 30-45 minutes per week focusing primarily on bodyweight exercises and dynamic form drills to build relevant muscle strength (see Dave Scott's S&C for triathletes suggestions).

    If you are looking to increase bike strength then doing low cadence/overgeared efforts its likely to be more beneficial than just cranking out squats...

    If you just want to get strong rather than develop triathlon specific strength and conditioning then I'm not sure you've come to the right place.

  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    Hi Neil

    A lot of useful info on strength training from Mark Allen on this link


  • Thanks for the replays and info, 

    a bit about me I suppose, I've been involved in "fight sports" from 8yrs-27yrs (judo to boxing to mma) through injuries I ended up using mountain biking for my recovery and loved it ended up racing mtb and road for a club. Over the years I've also done a lot of running, biggest race was A 100km ultra trail run.


    Now, a friend I raced with "called me out" after he done his first iron man last year, problem is he races road bikes in cat 2, I only race in cat 4 and he is like a machine in reguards to fitness. 


    he uses a lot of strength work on the big muscle groups, like strong man and Olympic lifting. So I'm very interested in pure strength as from my background in fighting I know what's possible with the human body wile keeping to certain weigh classes.

    again thanks for replying to my post (I just like to research every aspect of my goals)



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