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Training Peaks - differing info from Garmin Connect

Hoping someone might be able to help me.  I use training peaks along with a coach, sessions are synced from my watch (Fenix 3) into training peaks.  The issue is the sessions are synced as having only the moving time, not the elapsed time. 

For example a planned session of a 1 hour swim, with some drills, a main set with rest time in-between.  Training peaks shows the moving time only, even if the entire session was 1 hour I might only have been moving for 40 minutes of that (as an example).  This shows up as a huge red beacon in training peaks, that I didn't complete the session. When you drill down into sessions it has the info but the summary section is the problem. 

I've searched high and low in the settings of both TP and Garmin connect, checked the sessions on the watch and there is nothing obvious that I can see to change it. 

Any suggestions?

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