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Reynolds Aero 58's

I have been challenged to do a triathlon next summer and am looking for some kit - i'll be riding a Orbea Ordu and i want some nice Aero wheels.

Ive found them online with 25% off are they any good? they look the part?



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    risris Posts: 1,002

    would you get much use out of them other than at the tri, because that's £2k on a pair of wheels - possibly more than the bike is worth!

    each to their own and all, but if i was starting out in a sport i'm not sure i'd drop that sort of wedge on the off-chance i was going to enjoy it!

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    Hi there,

    If you want some purchasing advice we have a big grouptest on race wheels in issue 321, on sale 5th January - there are 10 pairs on test and plenty of expert opinion from our reviewer. Hope this helps!  

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    Hi TimmoG

    I rent Reynolds wheels, so you can try before you buy or even just rent for your event.

    More info is available here : http://www.thehappycog.co.uk/wheel-rental/


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