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Swimming - shoulder/neck pain

Dear all,

I have suddenly got a whiplash-like injury after a stroke-count session in the pool earlier this week. I didn't feel anything 'go' during the session but since then it has been pretty twingy when turning my head to the left. It's a muscle at the top of the shoulder/nape of the neck. Any ideas what to do for strengthening / recovery? I have never had an 'injury' from swimming before. (ouch!) Am going for some long-distance swim races later this season so need to get back into the water ASAP!

Many thanks, AB


  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Concidentally, I did the same thing to myself just last week (on Friday night, actually). I tried my usual Sunday night session, and I had to back off then finally cut it short because it clearly wasn't loosening up.

    I rested, and took Ibuprofen, and I was OK to do a PB 400m on Tuesday night.

    So, with rest and medication it cleared up very quickly. Not sure if you have the same thing, of course, just trying to reassure you that not all injuries are 'season wreckers'.

    Usual rules apply: rest, and if it still hurts after a few days consult the doctor.
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