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Race en france

End of season race and train 'en france'.
September trithlons in St Jean de Luz and Nay.Ideal for all levels including families with children.Most events in france incorporate different races for everyone. St Jean de Luz; long distance, sprint and novice(inc childrens)___Nay triathlon;olympic distance, sprint, novice and childrens events. Most children events are free!!!!!
check out www.latribu64.fr


  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    AIUI... racing in France requires you to have a doctor's letter, possibly even a very specific form, stating you are OK to race. Its French law.

    Not a biggy, but if you didn't know, it would be a bummer to get out there and find out you couldn't race cos you didn't have a letter... ( I needed one for Paris half Marathon 2009)

  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    I'm doing Alpe DHuez this year anf their entry rules state that if you provide proof of your country membership, i.e. BTF membership card, then you don't need all the guff that Diddy has mentioned.

    If you don't have that membership card then you need to provide ALOT of info and almost double the entry fee!
  • nickg1964nickg1964 Posts: 20
    Yes, all you need is your BTA race licence with internationat endorsement or a doctors medical certificate.
    A race abroad, in France or anywhere else is an experience to remember!!!
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