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1st Tri 'DONE'

Morning all,

Thanks again for the help and tips....
As it says in the title 1st one done..
300m swim started off good by the end doggy paddle was the stroke
22km Bike was another strong start then went downhill from there (not the route.. )
4km Run was just to get round!!!
I don't think Allister or Jonny Brownlee have got much to worry about for a while but what a fantastic sport!!!!
I had a real big grin on my face all the time, and the support at the start of the race from seasoned Triathletes was great (big thanks to no.77) and words of encouragement from the people passing me in the race like 'keep going fella' 'dig in' was great.

All in all a great morning in Newmarket.... now this has fired my enthusiasm to do some proper training so that I can try and prop the middle of the table up instead of the bottom...
Hopefully I can call myself a triathlete now.....



  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Excellent news, thats the first one in the bag!! After I sorted my first triathlon most of my inner demons and nerves about DNF'ing disappeared and I enjoyed the next races even more.

    It dosn't matter to me how you get around a course, doggy paddle/wobble/crawl, a finish is a finish.

    So when are you planning your next race?
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144

    Thats great news. The first one is always the hardest to get through! Sounds like a good race but maybe look at paceing. Experience is golden but the races have to be done to gain it. You will pick up so much so quickly. You can now stand tall and proud and call yourself a TRIATHLETE1
  • j_missinj_missin Posts: 5
    Next one !!

    I'm planning on venturing to Oundle(PACTRAC) they have a novice race on the 1st of June..
    I plan to drag my body around that one to see how it holds up, then plan on doing some proper training now I have the bug!!

    I don't think it a case of bad pacing but lack of fittness is to why I tended to fade... there is only one way to go from here and as my dear wife said 'plenty to work on', like you say though experience is priceless....

  • vix1987vix1987 Posts: 11
    Well Done!!!

    i love reading posts like this, gives me some hope and motavation - i have been really struggling with training, injuries etc! But if other people are doing it hopefully i can to

    6 weeks to go
  • j_missinj_missin Posts: 5

    Keep positive and as they all say run your own race and enjoy 6 weeks will fly by..

    Check me out giving advice :roll: after only 1 race under my belt!!

    12 days to go untill my next one.. glutten for punishment

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