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Ladies and Gents, can anyone recommend an open water swimming venue in the North East… I am visiting my fiancée’s relatives this weekend and fancy a swim Saturday in Tynemouth / Cullercoats area… Obviously I can just use the sea but would prefer an organised venue… Any ideas?

Ps, I am so addicted to this tri stuff now, did London this weekend Olympic distance and beat my target by 32 minutes… I am over the flippin moon to say the least… Was aiming for 3:30, and got 2:58 and have never felt so uncomfortable in a 37 minute swim in my life… So glad I prepped open water as much as I did or else I think I would have died of shock…


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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Sorry can't advise on the swim venue.... just wanted to say 'Welcome!'. Sounds like we have another tri-victim. [:D]

    Congratulations on beating your target, and by a huge margin. [8D]
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    Bopomofo wrote:
    Sounds like we have another tri-victim. [:D]

    Sure have, I am still on cloud nine…
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    Hi Andy

    Sorry to say there just isnt one in the North East and have looked forever!! The sea's your best option. If however Im missing a trick (which is likely) please post it on here so I can find out too!! There is a way of using an open venue like a lake but only through a tri club. why dont you email the local clubs and see if theyre going out when you're up? They might allow you to join them for a swim...

    I would invite you but am not a member myself yet!! plan to become one though.

    Well done by the way on your mint time at London!!! [;)]
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    transittransit Posts: 163
    There is ellerton lake near Scorton in North Yorkshire, it's just off the A1 by Catterick so not that close, maybe just over an hour from Tynemouth. You can swim in there any time you like. Haven't heard of any others (well maybe Hetton but not sure where exactly that is and think it might be set times!). If you are going to have a drive down, post on here as I'll probably be across Saturday.

    Don't know of any places further north
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    Sorry, I didnt even think before but you could try Druridge Bay (contact details: Graham Mitcheson Druridge Bay 01670 760968 Theres a lake called Ladyburn Lake where they hold the Northumberland Tri Festival and although on their website they swimming isnt allowed (only authorised watersports) I know that people do and have used it. You could try ringing them and enquire whether you would be allowed (anonymously and not saying when in case the answer is no) or just take your chances and give it a bash. if they throw you off you just hop over to the sea at Druridge Bay anyway!! Its in Morpeth in Northumberland by the way.

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