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HR/GPS watches

HI there everyone, not been on here for a while after IM last year but I'm back!!!!

Anyway, I'm looking to treat myself to a new watch and was interested in getting a GPS one. I've looked at a few and still cant decide..... I liked the look of the new Timex Ironman GPS but the reviews that I read gave it a right kicking. I want one that is HR and GPS and you can still wear day to day...

ANY IDEAS??????????


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Gosh Gaz you after the Holy Grail there.

    This is the only one I have heard of
    http://www.simplyrun.co.uk/products/nik ... ckage.html
    For that you can get a Garmin 305, HRM, cadence sensor enough left over for a Garmin FR60 watch with HRM and still have change
  • Cheers for that zac, just out of interest does anyone know anything about the garmin 310 xt???? Does it come with a hrm??
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    pretty sure the 310 does hr, but i'm not sure if it is intended to be used as a day-to-day watch (it'll need charging at least twice a day!). to be honest i'd ignore it being a 'normal' watch and use whatever you buy (305/310, timex) as a training unit.
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Forget about the 310 as a watch. Battery life is 20hours tops & you'll look like a geek.

    It has the functinality for HRM built in as well as for power meters etc. However, make sure you buy one with the HRM chest strap. Search the web for best prices & it'll be pretty obvious

  • Thanks for all your feedback, point taken on the everyday use...it's a beast!! All I've got to do now is save!!!
    Out of interest has anyone got 310....any good??
  • gkeatinggkeating Posts: 19
    I use the Garmin 305 with HRM and cadence sensor. It's the muts nuts and the 310 is better than that - plus it's the only official waterproof GPS garmin do - other than the new 610.

    You can get a nice mount for the bars with the 310xt which is simple and easy to use. Bought mine on handtec.co.uk! Do it

    EDIT: only use this as a training watch - not as every day.. have a cheap HR off eBay
  • macnmudmacnmud Posts: 6
    I use the Bryton Rider 35 on my bike and would highly recommend that


    It's a dedicated bike computer but I like to be able to see my stats in front of me while I'm riding, rather than having to keep removing my arm from the bars which is aerodynamically inefficient
  • TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228

    I've got a 310XT.

    In the water its not that great, its about 2 years old now and the heart rate monitor is a bit sporadic at times.

    I've got the bike mount for it and it connects to the cadence meter no problem, its also good for running, I have the screen, split in 4, with average pace giving good constant feed back on pace.

    its okay but not without its faults.
  • cheers for all your feedback!!.........I bought that Garmin 310xt, have got it set up (nearly!) but am not sure how to set it so it tells me when ever I drift out oif 2 HR zones 75-85% for example
    Any ideas!!!!! I can imagine its really simple, but to me the watch does that much I dont know where to start!
  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    The instructions are pap aren't they!

    I'm thinking of setting up a course on how to use your Garmin. Will only charge £30 an hour hehe

    But a good watch once you've set it up (I like it anyways )
  • ive set the 2 hr zones that i want to stay in between, once im in those 2 zones it keeps bleeping at me HR is too low?????
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