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Beginner to IM

Hey hey,

I'm brand new to triathlons. I've not done any at all.... I couldn't be less of a triathlete! Taht all being said I want to do an Ironman.... I hate thinking there is something I can't do - so I'm out to challenge myself and so on... I realise it sounds very naive and all that.

I am an athletic guy... I rowed for years. I packed that in a while back - I've gone through various sporting phases since but never stopped. Searching for new challenges I suppose. So this year I decided to do the 4 peaks challenge. Which is the 3 peaks of the UK but I added the Highest peak of Ireland as well for the craic.... Training is going well - so I've started setting my sights on the next challenge!

Anyway long story short, I decided if someone can do an Ironman then I want to as well...

I've given myself two years to train for it and I have an outline of training goals in between! What I wanna ask is:

Can anyone pass on any info to me that they think can be useful. Dos and donts! Mistakes I should avoid... training tips....Training plans... Really blank canvas here - I won't be offended by pointing out how foolish I am - but considering I already know that - help would be better!

Thanks a million


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Well there used to be a guy floating around some forums....

    he wrote a book once.....its called

    How Triathlon Ruined My Life by Darren Roberts.

    If you read that then you might get an idea of what training for an Ironman will be like. It will consume your life like nothing before. They when its all over...its what now??? Another Ironman perhaps????

    However just don't expect to pick up any training plans or training help from the book - just an understanding of what you will be letting yourself in for and how consumed by the Ironman you will become.
  • jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    If you do decide to take the Ironman plunge, look for this book for Training plans.
    Be Iron Fit by a Guy called Don Fink.
    3 Different 30 week training plans depending on how you want to finish, lots of good advice, swim drills / and structured swim sessions all dedicated towards time management.
    I think I paid about £7 off Amazon.
    Worth every penny in my view
    Good Luck.
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 0
    Good luck with this! I'm working up to my first ironman - Bolton, in two months. It sounds like you have good baseline fitness. I agree with the recommendation "Be Iron Fit" book. This book covers everything. It is strong on making efficient use of your time. Other good books are "The Triathlete's Training Bible" by Joe Friel. Anything by Joe Friel is worth reading. He seems to be respected by everyone. He is also behind "Training Peaks" which is said to be the best website for recording your training. The strength of the "Bible" is that it gives detailed explanations and would allow you to build your own training programmes from scratch. I don't think many people go this far but if you want to understand your training in depth this may be the book for you. Joe Friel has also written an ironman-specific book called "Going Long" which is similar in scope to "Be Iron Fit". "My preference is "Going Long" partly because it builds on the "Bible" but either "Going Long" or "Be Iron Fit" would be a very good plae to start. "Going Long" is probably a little more comprehensive and detailed. You might want to complement these books with books that focus on nutrition and/or strength training. "Strength Training for Triathletes" by Patrick Hagermaan and "Racing Weight" by Matt Fitzgerald are both good. And unless you are already a strong swimmer, "Total Immersion" is worth looking at. I used the book, then their DVD and then went on one of their weekend courses. I used off-the-peg training plans for sprint and then Olympic distance triathlons but I signed up with an online coach for the last 10 months. I get a plan in 4-week chunks, using Training Peaks. The plans have evolved according to my progress and I have spent 4-8 week periods adding in eg core strength work (Pilates) and, more recently, weights. The training can get a bit repetitive so working with my local running and cycling clubs have helped from time to time. Last week I went on a 95-mile 5 day walk. I've lost 12 kg and feel fitter than I have done for many years. But, like your four peaks, the main thing will be that you will have done something special. So, good luck. You'll learn about "working on your limiters", planning your training year(s), periodisation and different facets of fitness. Enjoy.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    how you get to im and what your goals are in doing it will depend on your background in the 3 disciplines.

    there is no reason why in two years you can't achieve it, but if you have never swum, cycled or run much before then you may have to focus on specific areas to get there.
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