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All misty eyed...

I'm looking for a good pair of open water goggles with prescription lenses - to date I have some from my optician that are pretty light-weight, good enough for the pool but limited for my first 70.3. Any tips are much appreciated. Lee
PS any hints on how to stop goggles from misting up (apart from a bit of spit )?


  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Aquasphere do some (Eagle) which I've heard good things about,


    .....with the misting, you can get some anti-fog spray but I find a bit of saliva helps, other than that its hard to stop. The harder you swim the warmer your face gets, couple that with a cool(ish) swimming pool/open water and you'll get condensation on the inside of your goggles. I always get a bit of fogging during an IM swim, however, this usually clears after a few minutes....
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