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Swim Kick Drill TechniqueÉ

Ladies and Gents, a situation which I get so badly wrong I am actually glad about – it means there is something drastic I am doing wrong that I need to change…

But the swim drill with a float, and front crawl kick (legs only, no arms), why oh why do I go 10 times slower than everyone else, and actually feel like I am not moving half the time…

Feels just as uncomfortable with head above water, head down, I just feel so rubbish at this drill???

Rest of my swimming is coming on nicely, I had my first front crawl lesson in May this year, and can now keep up with my Tri swimming club twice a week swimming 80 plus lengths a time, and did the 1500 in London Washing Machine fist fight in 37 mins… So I am happy with my overall progress and aim to continue all winter, but just can’t get this drill???

Any ideas?


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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    First things first, please get rid of the float, burn it, throw it at a screaming child, whatever you do with it, get rid! And also for me personally the pull buoy goes the same way. The reason for this is simple, hopefully you don't swim like a barge, and you rotate your core, therefore you are very rarely flat in the water like you are with the float. And also you've spent so long trying to perfect this balance malarky and then you go and ruin it all by spending half your time with your head out of the water on a float, and legs a metre under it.

    Ok, so my opinon is, that if you have mastered balance then you should be practicing kicking drills on your side, either with one arm extended or both by your sides. This will not only help you balance but also when you have you arms at your sides you body can rotate as you kick, and you can understand how a two beat kick can aid fluid body rotation, and how your kick feels as you rotate.

    If you have a problem with kicking power it may be worth practicing vertical kicking, if your pool is deep enough. If your kick is strong enough, you should be able to confortably keep your head and neck above water.

    With the kick itself you should be focusing on a long legged kick, i.e. the kick is initiated from the hip, not from the knee, and you should allow you knee to flex slightly as your kick, with relaxed ankles, this should cause like a wave motion from you hip to the foot.

    I would suggest watching some videos of ian thorpe in particular, as he has one of the best freestyle kicks.
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    Strong opinions… All makes perfect sense though thinking about it, thanks…

    Will try the side drills, and hunt out some footage…
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Good point well made...I can & do do the kick minus board & was rubbish with, am much better without..however am rubbish at side kicking as I slowly slip beneath the waves..
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